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“School education must be a joyful journey… not a race!”

Sherwood has a highly creative and caring environment that encourages the natural development of children. The stress-free education system helps them inculcate important traits and virtues that will lay a strong foundation for any endeavour they might take up in the future.

Our core mission to empower the child with academic excellence along with all-round development has stood the test of time. Post pandemic, all around the world, there is now a heightened focus on the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of the individual – a philosophy that has always been at the heart of our education ethos.

Education is much more than mere schooling. It is a collaborative approach between parents and the school.

The Teacher-Child-Parent equation is a very sensitive one. The learning experience provided in school must be given a co-ordinated “follow-up” at home. This synchrony is very important to keep the child from being confused as to which road to follow.

Several diverse factors affect the growth and development of a child such as - the profession of parents, family structure, position of the child within the family, conflict between the natural talent/interest of the child and the aspiration of parents, peer groups, society etc..

Therefore, the school cannot help any child in isolation. Education must be a tri-polar process. For the proper growth of the child, a balance has to be maintained in all the three spheres. A healthy relationship between the school teachers and the parents is a must. A weak link between the parent and the school can become a major hindrance to the progress of the child.


Good marks and overall development must be two strong pillars for a student’s growth. Marks and scores are important stepping stones to the future. They are definitely not hardened definitions of a child’s capability. History stands testament to the fact that it is people with ingrained value systems, strong leadership qualities, empathy, the spirit of teamwork, mental toughness, respect and integrity, etc. who have led from the front and made a difference.

While high scores provide that much-needed boost at the start of a career, it is strong values, life skills and emotional intelligence that empower the individual to build a fulfilling life and career and add value to society.

We stand by the child’s right to free, undisturbed growth - growth that must not be hampered by comparison and adult impatience. Each child takes his/her own time to learn and grow. The child’s years in school must be exploratory and experimental in nature. Our experiential learning systems have been conceptualised after decades of research and development to enable a child to discover their passions and interests, free of the pressure of high performance.

We have always ensured that along with rules and regulations, parents understand our approach to Education before they admit their child to our Institution.