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ISC (Class XI - XII)


It is our core belief that Class XI & XII are the most crucial years in the educational journey of a student - the bridge between school and college. This is the time when the student begins to lay a foundation for his/her career and life choices ahead.

This is also an age when the student’s maturity & confidence levels, physical abilities, emotional wellness and overall sense of self are rapidly developing and must be nurtured with utmost care and sensitivity.

The purpose of school is not merely to prepare students for competitive examinations, but to provide a balanced, productive, secure and inclusive environment that enables them to maximise their individual potential. While academic excellence is of utmost importance, it is essential for students to recognise and work towards their interests, skills and abilities. Critical-thinking, creative problem-solving and analytical approach are at the heart of our teaching methodology.

With a team of dedicated teachers, frequent workshops and masterclasses, exposure to practical learning opportunities and a well-designed curriculum based on decades of rich experience and exposure to practical learning, our goal is that when a Class XII student leaves us, they have the skills and tools necessary to succeed in whichever walk of life they choose for themselves.


Why ISC?

A highly researched & well-balanced syllabus covering all topics required to ace not just competitive examinations but group discussions and interviews as well.

Teaching methodologies that encourage experiential and conceptual learning, over mundane rote learning.


Education practices are expansive, and teaching approach is more broad, emphasizing the importance of all-round development, rather than just a focus on knowledge-gathering and examinations.

Focus on English and SUPW grooms the student for a globally accepted standard of learning and skill development.

ISC Certification is more recognised and preferred by international universities. Grooming individual potential is far more important than unhealthy comparison and competitive practices.

ISC, apart from laying emphasis on academic achievement, also focusses on overall personality development, thereby providing a 360 ̊ educational experience – an essential skill-set for the challenges of the future.