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Sherwood’s exclusive Pre-Primary school


Let the roots be strong and deep!

Success in school starts with Pre-school. Now, more than ever, researchers are confirming what we, at Sherwood, have known for years - children do their most important learning before the age of five. That is why, we have introduced Akshar - a program designed by specialists in early childhood development, who understand the unique needs of the 3-5 year old child.

Pre-Primary Schooling at Akshar involves helping children learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment that makes learning a fun experience. It also helps build a foundation in art, music, dramatics, math, science and social interaction.


Our pre-school curriculum includes a carefully structured schedule that mixes learning and play, quiet times and exciting celebrations, individual exploration and group activities - all carefully orchestrated to inspire children to grow, learn, expand their horizons, and enjoy.

Pre-school at Akshar fills every day with learning and fun, through a variety of independent and small group activities. Pre-schoolers experience the joy of learning through stories, books, letters and early writing experiences. They also develop math and social skills and enjoy creative activities like painting, singing and drama. All of these activities are designed to be fun, so children don’t just learn, they love to learn!


Role of Parents

Akshar believes that parents are the pillars for a child’s development. Their love, affection and support is fundamental to a pre-schooler’s positive self esteem and emotional security. Parents can be partners with Akshar to create eager, active and confident learners.

Transition to Pre-School

Children of this age adapt to new situations / places in a number of ways. Some children are eager to adjust right from day one while others need time to become familiar with their teachers and friends. If you find your child crying or scared to go to school, talk to the child’s teacher. She may suggest various methods to resolve this.

Communication with Parents

The home and school share a common purpose - The growth and development of the child. The fact remains that a child spends precious time of his/her life in school. Therefore any school cannot and should not work in isolation.

Parent-teacher meetings are arranged periodically to exchange information about the child. Parents are also given individual appointments to share their hopes, dreams, goals and concerns about their child. The year’s curriculum, evaluation system and other details of the child’s education are discussed. Parents are also made aware of what teachers expect from them, to assist the child’s education process.