• innovations

    Always Innovation

    Innovation and exploration is the lifeline of a student life and we, at Sherwood Public School encourage our students to come forward, explore new dimensions and develop fresh perspectives that will help them prepare and thrive in the global arena.

  • growing by learning

    Growing by Learning

    Involvement and experience is the best way to learn something new. Here, at Sherwood, we focus on the growth of a student through our teaching and learning.

  • arts and sports

    Arts and Sports

    Arts and sports activities are mandatory and happen throughout the day and for primary and secondary school they are engaged in extracurricular activities for an impressive amount of time.

  • pursuing excellence

    Pursuing Excellence

    Our pursuit of excellence is our attention to detail which makes us ideally unique in what we do and how we do.

  • health excursions

    Healthy Excursion

    Excursions and site visits are a way to bring a little more fun and adventure to our student’s life yet making it engaging and educational helping them gain perspectives.

  • clubs and events

    Clubs & Events

    At Sherwood, we strongly believe in giving ample opportunities to our students to nurture their potential talent to utilize their abundant energy to groom skills along with academics.

About Us

School Education is a Journey... Not a Race...

  • sherwood

    About Sherwood

    Sherwood Public School, established in 1984, is the founding school of the Sherwood Group of Institutions. The 4-acre campus has comprehensive facilities for outdoor and indoor

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  • akshar

    About Akshar

    Akshar is Sherwood’s exclusive Pre-Primary Curriculum designed by specialists in the field of 'early childhood development' who understand the unique needs of the children of Nursery, PPI, & PPII.

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Our Philosophy

our philosophy
Sherwood Public School aims to meet the changing global trends with aesthetic and confident minds with potential of decision making and accepting any form of challenges that cross their path in the real world.

Our philosophy is to groom and nurture the potential of every single student by encouraging them to set goals and achieve them. We go beyond our capabilities to help them evolve as a total individual by inculcating the right set of values, ethics and academic excellence. Our effort has been and will always be to provide them with opportunities in academics and extracurricular activities like sports, fine arts, performing arts to make them fly with wings wide open showing their vibrant colours to the world.

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