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Why Sherwood

Why Sherwood

Sherwood Public School endeavours to provide education on Public School lines which combines Occidental Science with Oriental Philosophy.


Sherwood Public School believes in providing quality and comprehensive education to ensure students achieve the continuum of excellence and facilitate their potentials to be stage ready and achieve success in the real world. We intend to equip our students with knowledge and ethics for a desired growth in their career and life as well.

At Sherwood, we believe we are consecrated with the responsibility of raising young minds to help them become intellectuals in fulfilling their career aspirations and infuse the ideals of Indian culture for them to become an ideal citizen in future. Our stress free and learning environment brings out the balanced and integrated personality of a child inculcating in them a strong sense of duty and patriotism. We not only focus on imparting knowledge but also focus on honing the moral values so when a student steps into the real big world, he/she is well prepared with both technical and soft skills with ethics right his/her side. At Sherwood, we equip students with potentials and transform lives with education, knowledge and experience.