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Safety and hygiene atmosphere at school is every student’s right and responsibility.

Every single student at Sherwood Public School has been the axis of our attention since our inception. A no-compromise approach has always been our effort when it comes to safety at school. Regulated frameworks and strict guidelines have been framed to make the staff and students adhere to their well being and the betterment of the school environment.


Various areas of the school have been categorised with safety rules and guidelines are framed keeping in mind the importance and the intensity required. Rigorous measures are taken to implement all our actions in keeping the premises clean, hygiene and safe for the students and the teaching staff. Every member of the Sherwood public School is entitled to follow the campus safety, bus, lift and washroom safety procedures to make sure we promote a better and clean environment not only at school, but also while we are outside, at home, public places etc.

Regular counselling sessions on social etiquette, refraining one self from negative provocations, age appropriate issues, use of negative languages, anti-bullying, gender sensitivity issues and many more are conducted to address these issues giving due importance to the time and sensitivity. We believe children spend most of their time at the school, and it is the responsibility of the school to leave no stones unturned while taking care of a student’s or staff’s safety. Therefore, proper background check of all our security staff, housekeeping personnel or teaching staff are done during their appointment and students are also counselled at their level regarding the above issues and also the importance of basic first-aid activity making them capable of handling situations at their level. The vehicle/bus drivers are strictly instructed and trained to ensure that the vehicle is driven within the permitted speed limit. CCTV installed for a 24x7 surveillance of the school premises and monitored by the dedicated staff.

The new addition is the use of sanitisation and face masks by looking at the on-going pandemic. Careful use of sanitisers and compulsory use of face masks are the new normal which needs to be absorbed rigorously by every school and Sherwood Public School is no exception to that.