Sherwood Public School aims to meet the changing global trends with aesthetic and confident minds with potential of decision making and accepting any form of challenges that cross their path in the real world.

Our philosophy is to groom and nurture the potential of every single student by encouraging them to set goals and achieve them. We go beyond our capabilities to help them evolve as a total individual by inculcating the right set of values, ethics and academic excellence. Our effort has been and will always be to provide them with opportunities in academics and extracurricular activities like sports, fine arts, performing arts to make them fly with wings wide open showing their vibrant colours to the world.


Sherwood Public School has conceptualized its mission since its inception and has thoroughly absorbed it in its values, roots and activities. We believe that a student’s evolution and growth happens in different spheres and varied dimensions. Focusing on one, neglects another. Therefore, our values preach and practice towards a comprehensive development in spheres like Academics, Linguistics, Physical Fitness and the Creative side.

For academics our efforts are with providing excellent and highly competent teaching staff who will hold their hands and walk them to success in every possible way. A curriculum which absorbs the changes in the physical and educational world and prepares them to face the real world with confidence and intelligence. Linguistic approach is to make them skillful with reading, writing, listening and creative writing along with the social development and behavioural adaptability. Self-control, self-reliance and efficacy is a part of this forum which are skillfully and efficiently handled by our excellent and trained experts. Physical fitness is equally important as it directly or indirectly impacts the mental space as well. Our fitness regime is loaded with sports, physical training etc to stimulate the sense of fitness amongst the students so that they make it their lifestyle as they grow. Giving a space to the creative side, brings out variations and the hidden talents of the students. A little pat on the back and a bit of encouraging acts can help us groom and nurture their creative side like writing, orating, fine arts or performing arts to help them know what is hidden inside them.