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Sherwood wishes to create a positive experience with discipline, punctuality, dedication and interest in learning. A positive atmosphere can only enhance if the school ensures that every student is complying with the rules and regulations of the school. School expects students to maintain discipline in everything they do.

Every school has their own set of rules and frameworks to maintain a disciplined and conducive environment where every student has equal rights, opportunities and desired space to grow mutually and build a future for themselves by setting an example for their next generation as well. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the rules are in place and are abided by the students to maintain a proper decorum when in school and a friendly attitude while outside. In order to maintain that decorum and the school’s age old reputation, the school administration has laid down many regulatives with respect to punctuality, attendance, completion of assignments, classroom management and participation etc.


Sherwood Public School keeps high standards when it comes to maintaining discipline inside the campus. Some rules which keep us going are follows -

  • Punctuality to school and class is our top priority.
  • School expects its students to be regular with full attendance.
  • Cleanliness and tidiness inside the classroom and in the campus is highly demanded and strictly enforced.
  • Mutual respect is desired and appreciated.
  • While moving to different areas inside the premises, a proper order needs to be maintained making it hassle free for other students.

Sherwood wishes to create positive student attitudes towards punctuality, regular attendance, completion of assignments, and interest in learning through classroom participation. When the student does not comply with these expectations, the school reserves its right to take the following actions:

  • The Teacher / Principal will have an one-on-one interaction with the student.
  • Parents will be informed about the problematic behaviour and they may be asked to meet the Principal.
  • The school, after consultation with the parents, may return the student home for a day as a therapeutic withdrawal.
  • Expulsion of the student will be a final step when it is found that the school is no longer productive for the student and the conduct of the student is not proper and so disruptive that his presence is detrimental to other students.