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Arts & Sports

Arts and Sports

Sherwood Public School culture has always valued and has emphasized the importance of extra-curricular activities like sports, art and craft etc. The principle on which the school is based is giving its students a comprehensive and all-round platform to excel. Sherwood Public School believes in giving wings and also giving them the sky to fly high. A right balance of education is substantial for the students to excel and empower.

At Sherwood Public School, students are encouraged to participate and engage in various extracurricular activities throughout the day. Here, we give our students the desired atmosphere to creatively think and engage themselves in areas like dance, music, art, craft and sports. Students are expected to work in dedicated spaces to explore the virtue of the opportunities given and utilise it to the maximum. These activities help in later stages of life like creative thinking, out of the box thinking, team building, leadership quality and other life learning skills that helps them in the real practical world. Sports brings endurance, confidence, dedication, focus, self discipline etc. making them optimistic and self-reliant. Sherwood Public School has its own playground with an athlete track, football ground, cricket ground, basketball court etc to encourage students to come forward and participate. Because we believe winning is not important, but participating is.

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