Academics Overview

Academic Overview

Sherwood Public school aims at nurturing and building the future of the students with skill sets to meet the changing needs of global society, making them confident and independent thinkers. We strive to focus our effort towards developing their academics as well their interpersonal skills inculcating values enabling them to become engaged individuals and excel in any endeavours that they undertake.

Sherwood Public School aims at fostering a positive learning and teaching environment for its students and teachers as well, bringing a balance and helping integrate culture, values and a sense of responsibility. We, through our many activities, also infuse in them the ideals of being an Indian and the culture and heritage of our civilization. Sherwood administers the importance of programs conducted at various levels and conveys it to the teachers and parents regarding the curriculum, homeworks, library activities, project works, field trips etc. We help our parents and teachers understand the importance of constructive deviations like performing arts, visual arts, games and sports activities and the importance of adventure and literary activities in a student’s life developing learning skills like team building, concentration, leadership qualities etc.

Courses of Study at ICSE (X) level offered at
Sherwood Public School & Heritage Valley

Group - I (Compulsory) Group II (any 2) Group III (Any one subject)
- Mathematics Computer Applications
Second Language
(Hindi or Telugu)
Sciences Physical Education
History, Civics and
Environmental Science Economic Applications

Courses of Study at ISC (XII) level offered at Sherwood : Compulsory Subject for all Groups : English

Group - A Group - B
Biology, Computer Science Accounts, Commerce
Mathematics, Physics Computer Science
Chemistry Economics, Mathematics
Chemistry Economics, Mathematics
  • A student can take 4 or 5 subjects from a group.
  • To get the Pass Certificate one has to pass in any 3 of the optional subjects

Pre Primary

pre primary

Sherwood Public School believes in upholding the exploring minds and the inquisitiveness of the young minds with activities to help them co-dependently get a learning experience.Our curriculum includes cross-cultural skills and observing the world around their eyes through carefully chosen topics, stories, poems, songs and working on areas to develop their speaking skills and vocabulary through games and puppet/toy activities with characters that could reach their in easy mind.

We encourage the children, with help from their parents to learn about their favourite toy, cartoon characters and describe it in school. This activity not only develops their speaking skills but also their vocabulary. A child in this stage has enormous energy and channeling the energy in a proper direction is what we focus on through our creative and analytical curriculum designed exclusively for their age and brain. Project works on varied topics such as collages, finger painting, block painting, tissue art etc.are certain areas where the teachers at school and parents at home are encouraged to involve the children during the process to make their learning easier and experiential. Developing their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, neuro-muscular skills, fine motor skills etc are an integral part of our syllabus. A holistic approach in developing a child is our priority and we are proud to have earmarked ourselves in achieving that.

Singing songs, story telling, recitation, rhymes helps children develop their vocabulary, opening up their early literacy skills. Clamping hands and stamping feet are certain pre-reading skills that introduces them to the world of sounds and makes them inquisitive to know even more. Children at Sherwood public School understand the importance of group learning and therefore new ideas and concepts are introduced at every step to foster the development of the children right from a young age. Using new methods of teaching and bringing innovations in our way has time and again proved effective in developing the intelligent as well as emotional quotient of our students. In addition to that we also explore ways to assist our teaching workforce to learn new methods through workshops, seminars, webinars etc and bring a new arena of learning and development to the premises. Installed CCTVs and their accessibility to the management and concerned authorities aids us in maintaining the process of safety inside the school premises.

Academic Support


Sherwood Public School recognizes the talents at different levels and channelising the talents is the cynosure of our goal and mission. At Sherwood we believe every child is gifted in some way or the other. Our enrichment programmes for students brings out the aptitude and skill sets of students discovering their field of interest, driving them strongly to their goal.

Our classroom activities and academic curriculum is an assistance in discovering the levels where a student is, and designing our mechanism with provision of a proper channel. We believe that students with different IQs come under one roof and stimulating their intellectual to help them reach their full potential, preventing them from under achievement and overpowering is one major goal that we strive to achieve. Providing them with opportunities in order nurture their creative skills, thinking skills along with providing them with a diversified learning environment.


There are students who struggle and might not perform at the same level as their counterparts. The school recognizes the struggle and helps them in finding out the grey areas where they could help themselves with a little effort from the school. An interaction at personal level and extra care with extra instructions are offered with constructive feedback to make them believe and gain the confidence to perform well in academics and other areas. Our in-house remedial counselling department with trained counsellors tries to understand the students’ strength and weakness through discussions and records. Our timely effort and consistent support can help a student to overcome the learning disabilities and build a brighter and successful future.

Online Learning

Online Learning

Students as and when move up in stages of life, seek more flexibility and intellectual freedom in learning and knowledge enhancements. Online learning today has become the most desirable tool to stay connected and updated with the world at large with the wide spectrum of knowledge and versatility that it offers. It helps students to pursue individualised learning programmes and experiment their area of interests at one different level with theoretical observation and practical application.

We believe in encouraging the students to pursue online courses and navigate deep enhancing their knowledge and getting value added. Students can explore their interest areas with introductory chapters and move forward to advanced chapters with knowledge in-depth and progressive learning building their confidence at each step. Virtual schools today are no longer an option and the current context makes it compulsion, we now look deeper into the opportunities and challenges that come along. We foresee online learning as an opportunity to connect globally with networks not limited to a classroom or headcounts but with a network of ideas giving them an exposure of new perspectives and unlimited access to learning resources.